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Trees are vital. They are the basic essential that is implemented in landscaping. tree care is the carried out by an arborist who is highly skilled in the areas of felling, thinning, pruning, mulching, fertilizing etc. Trees are planted in parks, forests, homes, yards, etc. They are the major areas where tree care is performed. Big Branch Tree Care Services are ready to take you through the beautiful journey of tree care and planting and ensure you enjoy the process. We’re also available if perhaps you’d like to hire us to provide any of our services.


About Us
Big Branch Tree Care Services is the go to company when you require qualities such as reliability, time consciousness, great work ethic, honesty, transparency, efficiency and skillfulness. We are experienced and highly ethical in the field of business and the services we provide. We make it a point of duty to regularly support and reach out to our clients and urge them to take care of their trees. Our mission is to see that every home has a tree and every tree is well taken care of.

Tree removal

Tree removal has been viewed as a hazardous process for a while, but in some instances, it is important to removing the tree especially if it’s beyond saving for the sake of health, beauty of the landscape or safety. It is a service that is highly technical and requires the efforts of highly trained professionals to ensure it is smoothly and professionally carried out and also the safety of the tree owner, the land and other trees.

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