Alpharetta History Walk

The Alpharetta History Walk is a self-guided tour exploring Alpharetta’s history. It is located in Alpharetta, GA. Visitors can step back in time to explore the early days of the beautiful city of Alpharetta. There are complimentary Alpharetta and Old Milton County History Museum and Walk brochures available at the Alpharetta Welcome Center. The brochure provides all the necessary information required to self-navigate the markers. The tour encompasses the city’s downtown historic area. The walk begins at South Main Street and continues onto North Main Street, then to Cumming St and back down North Main St. Finally, the walk goes onto Milton Avenue, Roswell St, Old Roswell St, and back to South Main Street. The Alpharetta History Walk includes downtown homes, buildings, and sites of previous structures that were selected after extensive historical research was performed because they represent a notable part of Alpharetta’s history.

There are over twenty-five historical markers telling the story of Alpharetta’s past. The are all located within walking distance of one another. Visitors will learn what industry used to drive the city’s economy as well as what buildings served uniquely different purposes than their current modern-day functions. In addition, there is no better time to bring up a discussion of your own family’s history. So gather the grandparents and bring along the kids – this walk down memory lane is a great one that is not to be missed!


On this tour, visitors will uncover the story of Alpharetta’s past at their pace.  The Alpharetta History Walk is suitable for all ages. It is family and group friendly. The self guided tour is free admission. It is open all year round. On the tour, visitors will see the Old Milton Courthouse, JJ Webb and Sons, the First Baptist Church of Alpharetta, Alpharetta First Methodist Church, the Norman House, the Lewis-Manning House, the B.F. Shirley House, New Prospect Campground, Manning Mercentile, the R.J. Webb Building, the Webb Guano House, the Future Farmers of America Log Cabin, Resthaven Cemetary, the Dodd Hotel, Oliver-Waters-McCollum Warehouse, the Skelton Teasley House, the Waters House, Alpharetta Business District, Mansell House, and the Upshaw House.


While visitors are in Alpharetta, they are encouraged to take the time to discover the dynamic city. There is access to 300 things to do, including over 175 dining options and five distinct shopping districts.  There are plenty of activities available to fill the days.



The Alpharetta History Walk can be located at 2 S Main St in Alpharetta, GA, 30009.



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