Old Rucker Park & Farm

Old Rucker Park is an approximately 10-acre tract of land located in Alpharetta, Fulton County, Georgia. Old Rucker Park was once a commercial nursery and is now home to a variety of species of trees and plants. The rolling contour of the property is highlighted by a small stream that runs through the park. A  small section of the site has been developed into the Old Rucker Farm, however, approximately 7.5 acres continue to be planned and developed into a passive recreational area.


The Old Rucker Farm is the home base of the Alpharetta’s community agriculture program.  This community agriculture program was developed in 2018 with guidance and collaboration from various residents and community organizations. It includes an organically-grown fruit, vegetable, and cut-flower gardens, an outdoor classroom, and community garden plots located within Old Rucker Park. The community agriculture program will develop over time, aiming to best serve and meet the needs of the entire community. The City of Alpharetta will continue to develop programs and partnerships to enhance the program, based on residents’ feedback and assessment.


The Old Rucker Park & Farm features an orchard, an outdoor classroom, community garden plots, and an educational field. It provides educational classes and workshops. The Old Rucker Park and Farm produces and donates food to the local food pantry.


Community agriculture is farming or gardening in a shared, public space for fun. It benefits your health, includes education and awareness about food and where it comes from. In Alpharetta, this includes an operating organic vegetable farm, resources such as  free seeds, tools, and seedlings, educational classes and workshops, partnerships, volunteer opportunities, and a community garden.


There are three types of community garden memberships that are available.  There are many extra benefits that come with each community garden membership too. Whether you have a garden at home or desire to have a raised bed plot at the Old Rucker Farm residents are encouraged to grow with the community agriculture program.


There is also an annual supporting membership program. Through the support of annual members, as well as dollar matching from the City of Alpharetta, the Community Agriculture Program will be able to complete special projects, such as purchase apiary equipment and install secure deer fencing.

There is parking on site and the park and farm is suitable for all ages. The Old Rucker Park & Farm is family friendly. It is operated by the City of Alpharetta’s Recreation, Parks & Cultural Services Dept.


Old Rucker Park & Farm is located at 900 Rucker Road in Alpharetta, GA 30009.


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