Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is the process of cutting the stump, the base part of a tree after it has been felled, into small wood chips. This process, however, destroys the root system of the tree. Stump grinding is a very important part of tree removal as it prevents the stump from attracting pests or diseases and even creates a new planting space. Hence, after cutting a tree, the stump remains connected to the tree’s root system. This can lead them to survive long after the tree has been cut down. A stump grinder is used for this process and it requires a careful way of performing. Listed below are the benefits of stump grinding.

Convenience and Safety
By having your stump grinded, it helps improve your safety by preventing a tripping hazard. By having a child or neighbor’s child trip over your stump, it could lead to you being liable for their injuries as property owners. Tree stumps will prevent you from mowing your lawn and if your lawnmower mistakenly hits them, it may lead to damage to your machine. However, the clearing of stumps will clear off the doubts of lawn mowing inconveniences.


Environmental Aesthetics
Having a stump stark out of your garden can make your well-kept garden look neglected and disfigured. However, removing this stump can help improve aesthetics on your property which will add more value to it. In addition, having a stump stark out of your property will not give your area enough space, especially if your yard is smaller. However, by having a new space, you can use it for planning a whole new project for your yard including flower beds, small pond etc. Thus, having stump removed from your yard will beautify your property and add more value to it by creating a visual space.

Prevent Stump Sprouting and Pests
When a tree stump is left behind, it can cause new growth to spring up. These clusters of young trees that grow around the stump will extract water and nutrients from the ground, potentially harming other plants sharing the same space. Additionally, having tree stumps on your property can provide a perfect home for insects, termites, ants, beetles. Thus, removing stumps will prevent a home for pests which tend to inhabit your yard.

Having your stump grinded is a very quick process, quicker than having chemicals put on a stump which is going to take a long time for it to work effectively. However, grinding the stump will only take a few hours with a professional tree company. Tree stumps are most times dangerous and sometimes annoying. They are also an eyesore. Stump grinding is very important as it helps to show the beauty and add more value to your property. Likewise, grinding your stump will prevent trip hazards and put your mind at rest about the safety or your yard. If you have a stump on your property from a cut or dead tree, stump grinding will eliminate unwanted stumps. Call us at Big Branch Tree Care Services to

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