The North Point Mall

North Point Mall is located in Alpharetta, Georgia, and is a favorite shopping destination in Atlanta’s top suburb. The mall features a charming shopping and dining collection. It includes brands and concept such as Sephora, Aerie, Macy’s, Lego, California Pizza Kitchen, Cheesecake Factory, Victoria’s Secret, Build-A-Bear, H&M and more!

The North Point Mall opened on October 20, 1993. It opened as one of the largest shopping malls in the United States. It remains one of the most popular malls in the country.  The malls opened with space for 6 anchor stores. Five of these stores were initially occupied. These include Mervyn’s JCPenney, Rich’s, Lord & Taylor, and Sears. Rich’s eventually became a Macy’s in 2005.

The sixth pad was eventually filled by Dillard’s in 1996. Mervyn’s left the following year and their space was filled by Parisian. Parisian had 4 other area stores so it made the mall more upscale. In 2003, the mall was renovated. The interior was modernized to introduce more sitting areas.  The malls was renovated again in 2004. This time, an escalator was moved from the East Court near Starbucks to the Sears wing of the mall. Many of the mall’s interior atriums were modernized with new flooring and sitting areas in 2019. An LED color changing tree was also added at this time.


In June 2004, The Cheesecake Factory opened a location outside of Atlanta at North Point. It is located in the mall parking lot just beyond the parking deck. A walking path known as the “yellow brick road” was established to connect the restaurant to the mall’s Center Court. Lord & Taylor was repositioned and shuttered entirely in 2005. Parisian left in September 2007, after it was acquired by Belk. Belk opened a store of its own in the Lord & Taylor building. This store later closed in September 2009. The store reopened in November of 2011 after luxury retailer Von Maur remodeled the two-story former Belk store. It expanded  it to 140,000 square feet from 115,000 square feet. The new design includes a cupola,  reddish brick, and columns to echo Georgia and the South. In September 2012, the former Parisian store was made into to a 12-screen AMC Theatres that features a MacGuffins bar, recliners, Coca-Cola Freestyle, ETX, and IMAX.


Recently,  the mall has begun to face competition with online shopping as well as Avalon. High end stores such as Gap, Apple, and Pottery Barn left the North Point Mall for Avalon. In June 2018, Sears closed during a series of closures. The Alpharetta City Council approved plans for a new 83-acre mixed-use development on the northeast side of the mall in February of 2019. This featured restaurants, apartments, new retail areas, trails and small parks, a play fountain, a rock wall, and a lake.


The North Point Mall is located at 1000 North Point Circle Alpharetta, GA 30022


Check out information on Alpharetta History Walk. 

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